1. Now didn’t you say you don’t like Jay Thomas because he’s talking about paying more taxes and now you’re saying you would like to pay more taxes ?

  2. Now you said you had a friend that has a baby just phone the company tell them to add it to your credit card give the baby gift to your friend solved

  3. automated trucks will not work too well on icy roads it’s like driving in cruise control he was spitting out trucks cannot chain them selves up they have some automated trucks now but there still a person behind the wheel People hate each other so much now and in 50 years they will just end up killing each other every year people are getting worse they can’t even shop together nicely

  4. In the movie mother jugs and speed bill Cosby saves a woman from being raped when she was passed out in the back of an ambulance and nobody’s talking about that that’s funny

  5. Al $.11 a litre doesn’t seem to affect you putting a toll on the roadway will affect you see jump all over that as long as it doesn’t affect you screw everyone else right

  6. Are used to make $2.35 an hour and I live comfortably I didn’t have a mountain of debt because I didn’t put myself in a mountain of debt I don’t make over hundred thousand dollars a year I have no schooling but I have ambition to get up every day and go to my job and do my job properly lot of our welfare people are some of the fattest people around sit and play video games and their large screen TVs talking on their cell phones and complaining they don’t get enough money

  7. Al made it sound like I’m a hard ass maybe I’m a bit of a hard ass but I’ve been around welfare people all my life and they’re not the smallest people I think everybody should pull their own weight if you were able to work you should have a job and in Al’s words can’t we all do better

  8. Thanks for the Loven al just to let you know a little bit where I’m coming from I was horribly beaten by my parents burned badly thrown through the foster system out on my own homeless at age 16 and made my way with nobody showing me I had to figure these things out myself it was a long hard road but I need it The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting my wife who is giving me more love than I’ve ever had my entire life and I am grateful to her to she such a beautiful woman

  9. I watched love actually first time in my life on Saturday and to tell you the truth it rather watch The log fire Channel

  10. Maybe we should have gun laws like the states if everybody was allowed to carry guns maybe people would be more polite to each other not knowing if that person is carrying a gun

  11. All politicians remind me of six-year-olds in the sandbox I wish to just shut the fuck up running the country and do a good job

  12. Big Wayne here I have PTSD in 2013 a guy commit suicide with a head on crash almost killing me and I ended up with PTSD and I suffer every day I don’t take depression pills like I should because I drive and they make me too foggy and I’m responsible for 80 to 100,000 pound equipment and too many people on the road I want to keep a clear head because everybody else around me is too busy talking and texting and driving like maniacs The only thing that keeps me going is I have an incredible wife and she’s the only thing in the world that matters to me and she’s the one that keeps me alive

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  13. I think it is a very bad thing that man has done and I don’t excuse it in anyway and there are a lot of bad people in this world who taken vantage of people in certain situations but you should not be to the point of passing out with a stranger you don’t know even if it is a cabdriver he should’ve been punished I agree but people should have a little self-control to not put themselves in situations like this that they regret forever don’t scream at me I hope I’m on your side with this every year the world is getting a more dangerous place and we just have to watch her own backs

  14. I never once blamed the girl for being drunk and getting raped I said there are a lot of bad men and women out there that will do anything they can to anybody and that will never go away I don’t live in a world of rainbows and unicorns if I had caught a man doing that to woman I would’ve stopped him a new mud hole

  15. My wife and I have a large four bedroom house and we put a gym in the basement and I’m 57 years old 240 pounds five 12 32 34 inch waist and I just get up and go work out there makes it so convenient and nice

  16. In the past few weeks I’ve only been able to listen to a few shows because there is no replay put up on demand

  17. You were talking how bad Air Canada was and then you brought it around a deadbeat dad’s and in 1972 I was 12 and my deadbeat dad put me on Air Canada flight to a city where I had no family in and just left me no I think it’s kind of funny

  18. Hey, Wayne. We’re working on getting more stuff up that you can download. Give us some time. We’re still working out all the bugs. Thanks for being there.

  19. I’m a truck driver in Alberta and I have had a car commit suicide head on with me and almost killed me and so many cars play games with the trucks when they never know if and tires going to burst beside them come off or we need to change lanes in a hurry because there is something on the shoulder we have to avoid and not only cars playing games with trucks other truckers are now playing games with trucks and all we are trying to do is get the freight from one place to another in the same industry but they have to mess with each other

  20. Watching your show about plastic surgeries and all that stuff. A Canadian company are on the verge of replacing Botox with skin rejuvenation created for you based on your own genetic code. No more foreign bodies injected into your skin. Check out Replicel out of UBC in Vancouber. Replicel.com

  21. Do you mean women don’t like wearing high heel‘s on commercials they love cleaning the house in high heels that’s going to stop lol

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